Fund our Schools

Sign our petition today to save plans for the building of Gorebridge high school and the refurbishment of our primary schools.

Midlothian residents are appalled at the SNP administration’s attempt to remove several vital improvement projects from Council plans, as highlighted by the Labour opposition.

The Scottish Government’s cuts to the funding provided to Midlothian Council coupled with ever-increasing responsibilities placed upon them by the same SNP government are causing huge problems in maintaining council services.

Midlothian’s children should not pay the price of the SNP failure to inadequately fund the County’s growth.

We undersigned call on Midlothian Council to:

(1) Confirm the new Gorebridge high school and that the primary school refurbishment projects will be kept in the Council’s capital plan.

(2) Pressure the Scottish Government to provide adequate funding to Midlothian Council needed to deliver the vital infrastructure and services that our growing communities need.

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