Kirsty and Anas at Bonnyrigg Rose

Your concerns are my priority

As your Member of Parliament, it is my job to prioritise fighting for what matters to you most. That’s why I’ve spoken with thousands of folk across Midlothian to learn what matters to our community.

Tackling the cost of living crisis.

I passionately believe we can create a poverty-free Scotland and give everyone the ability to get on and not just get by. You can read my piece about that in the Scotsman and the Edinburgh Evening News here. My number one priority is putting money back in your pocket, through new high-quality jobs for local people, support for local businesses and high streets and a relentless focus on what works for family finances.

Fighting for fair funding for Midlothian Council.

In the last ten years, the population of Midlothian has grown by a whopping 16.1%; but our funding from the SNP government hasn’t kept pace. Midlothian is growing because it’s an absolutely brilliant place to raise a family but we need to make sure there are the kinds of amenities, services and infrastructure that support family life. I will fight for the investment our communities so desperately need.

Making our NHS fit the future.

There are 123,481 people on the NHS Lothian waiting list. That is unacceptable. As a proud trade unionist I’ll work with frontline staff and policy experts to develop a plan for a healthy Midlothian, bringing together all the local players who can tackle the drivers of ill health and health inequality in our county.

Promoting cooperation at home and abroad.

I’m a proud internationalist. Before working in Number 10 I led campaigns in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the EU and I’m a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. I’ve recently been on the boards of The Climate Coalition and the Labour Climate and Environment Forum, working to protect nature and pass on a safe climate to our kids. We can be so proud of Midlothian’s environment but there is always more we can do so I’ll bring together all the local businesses and community groups who are already working towards a greener Midlothian to develop a joint plan of action.

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