What and Who I’ll Fight For

1. Tackling the cost of living

This year the Midlothian Foodbank turns ten. The volunteers and supporters deserve a medal but their help should never have been needed here in one of the richest countries in the world. 

People shouldn’t have to rely on charity for what should be theirs by right. I fight for families every single day and as your member of parliament I’ll push for the childcare, housing and jobs that families need to get on.

Midlothian is growing because it’s an absolutely brilliant place to raise a family but we need to make sure that there are services that support family life and the kinds of well paid work and affordable housing that mean people can really make the most of life here.

2. Keeping our country together

I believe in the positive, patriotic and progressive case for the Union.

I’m the chair of the advisory board of Our Scottish Future because I have never believed Scotland has to stand alone in order to stand tall.

I’ve been a trade unionist for more than twenty years, a cooperator for more than a decade and a campaigner against poverty and for families my entire life.

In the middle of a national emergency we should be prioritising the issues that keep people awake at night, not being distracted and divided by fights about the constitution.

3. Promoting cooperation at home and abroad

I’m a proud internationalist. In 2005 I led on organising the 225,000-strong Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Before working in Number 10 I led campaigns in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the EU and I’m a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Today I’m on the boards of The Climate Coalition and the Labour Climate and Environment Forum, working to protect nature and pass on a safe climate to our kids.


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Fiona Anderwood