Midlothian Landmarks

There are so many brilliant days out you can have across Midlothian. Why not make a new year’s resolution to visit all six landmarks?

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Landmark number one is St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church in Dalkeith. Christians have worshipped at the site since at least the 11th century. Unfortunately this iconic, historic church is scheduled to close in the next few years – if you’d like to get involved in the community group thinking about the long-term future of the site please join the Community Hub St Nicks on Facebook.

Landmark number two is the Miners’ Wheel in Newtongrange, home to the National Mining Museum. Did you know that this national museum is in what was the Lady Victoria Colliery, the first “super pit” in Scotland? Nearby is the Dean Tavern, an example of the “Gothenburg system” of pubs which existed to plough the profits of pubs in mining areas back into the community. If you’re in the neighbourhood, I’d also recommend a treat from Pastel, home to the now world-famous Caramac eclair.

Landmark number three is the Rosslyn Chapel which features in a famous poem by Sir Walter Scott as well the Tom Hanks film The Da Vinci Code. While you’re in the neighbourhood why not visit The Original Rosslyn Inn to see why they won the Golden Jubilee Award for Excellence at the Scottish Bar and Pub Awards 2023?

Landmark number four is the Lasswade Viaduct. Did you know that the viaduct carried the trainline which was used by the local paper mills? The first papermaking recorded in Midlothian took place in 1709 and the county’s trade is remembered at the Penicuik Paper Making Museum. You can also award yourself points if you guessed The Newbattle Viaduct (otherwise known as the Lothianbridge and Dalhousie Viaduct) as it is a similar shape.

Landmark number five is the Coghorn in Loanhead. The sculpture is a moving memorial to those who lost their lives in Bilston Glen Colliery. There are many mining memorials in Midlothian, including a newly-unveiled stone in King’s Park Dalkeith and others on the Easthouses Industrial Estate and in Gorebridge beside the War Memorial. In 2022 a new statue was erected in Danderhall to remember the child slaves who worked in Midlothian mining.

Landmark number six is the Old Well on Penicuik High St. It dates back to 1864 when it was donated by local papermaker and philanthropist Alexander Cowan. Other notable donations include the memorial to prisoners of war who were held and then died in Penicuik having been captured in the Napoleonic Wars. The memorial, near the start of the Penicuik to Dalkeith Walkway, is inscribed with the motto “All Men Are Brethren”.

We are campaigning right across Midlothian – if you’d like to get involved and find out more about the county’s towns and villages we’d love to see you. Just email randi@kirstymcneill.com for more details.


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