Kirsty McNeill: Your Scottish Labour & Co-operative MP for Midlothian

Your concerns are my priority.

I have spoken with thousands of folk across Midlothian to learn what matters to our community most. Now that I’m lucky enough to be your MP, my priorities are:

  1. Tackling the cost of living crisis
  2. Fighting for fair funding for Midlothian Council
  3. Making our NHS fit for the future
  4. Promoting cooperation at home and abroad

Do you think there’s something else I should prioritise? Let me know in our Midlothian Sixty Second Survey or drop me a line at

As an Executive Director at one of the world’s biggest children’s charities, I led a team of 160 to deliver award-winning campaigns and programmes supporting families here in Scotland and across the UK. Now I will work tirelessly as your MP to fight for your family as if it’s my own.

Headshot of Kirsty McNeill in Dalkeith
Miner's Statue

It's time for a fresh start in Midlothian.

We will put the chaos and division of the past behind us. Change is here. So let's get started.

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